Public Health

Arbor Consulting Partners has expertise in a wide variety of public health issues, including HIV/AIDS prevention, substance abuse prevention and tobacco control, childhood obesity and asthma reduction/prevention. We work with communities, organizations and institutions to achieve better health outcomes.

ACP uses process and outcome evaluation methods to identify the successes and pinpoint the challenges in your public health intervention or program. We can also work with you in designing a needs assessment for planning targeted public health interventions and/or prevention programs, as well as carry out the research to support these efforts.

  • HIV/AIDS prevention

ACP conducts research related to the social, economic and cultural assets and barriers to HIV prevention among a variety of at risk populations including intravenous drug users, transgenders and their sexual partners, throughout the U.S. As part of this endeavor, we have designed protocols to assess patient readiness for various treatment modalities. We also develop recommendations to inform policy and community education.

  • tobacco and alcohol prevention

ACP conducts evaluations of youth-led tobacco and alcohol prevention campaigns to document “best practices” for health departments and other institutions.

  • childhood obesity and asthma reduction/prevention

ACP works with local schools to design and implement demonstration projects to prevent and reduce chronic disease outcomes among school-aged children through a variety of approaches which include: : the development of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plans and the promotion of innovative nutrition and exercise programs and interventions.