Workplace and Organizational Analysis

Arbor Consulting Partners has worked extensively on a range of human resources issues in for-profit and nonprofit organizations, and in government agencies. We are committed to helping organizations achieve a respectful work environment in which all employees can find meaning in their work, and can achieve balance between their work demands and personal lives. We believe that a healthy organization can meet the dual agendas of the workplace and the worker.

Our expertise includes:

  • evaluating the impact of a range of work-life policies and practice

We can help you evaluate the impact of your work-life policies and programs, including parental and maternity leave policies, dependent care policies and flexible work policies. You may be interested in understanding the effect of the “rolling out” of a new policy, or the outcomes of a continuing policy. Important employee outcomes may include: increased work-life balance, improved commitment to the organization, consistent (or improved) productivity, and intention to stay at the organization. We will help you design an inquiry into the effects of these policies, taking into consideration the needs of the organization and the needs of the employee.

  • conducting organizational analysis to provide insights regarding the well-being of employees

As social scientists with experience conducting ethnographic research, we are well-positioned to assist you in understanding organizational dynamics within the workplace that affect employee well-being and productivity. We will work closely with organizational leaders, supporting your capacity to use your leadership wisely, to motivate workers and create a positive workplace culture.

Our methods include:

  • 360 assessments – in which individuals from the full range of perspectives are interviewed – to identify the issues/problems within the organization related to work design, work products and relationships management; and
  • Consultation and support to leaders to effectively use organizational analysis data to create positive changes within the organization.
  • designing and implementing exit interview programs

Exit interviews are an important diagnostic tool, providing critical information about an organizations’ structure and/or culture. Employees leave their jobs with a range of ideas and feelings about their work, their work environment, their supervisors and peers. Tapping into clusters of employees who are leaving their jobs can provide important insights that can be incorporated into organizational/strategic planning.

As social scientists, we are skilled in designing customized interview protocols that help elicit open and honest feedback from departing employees regarding their experience. This includes:

    • information about decision-making processes within their workplace
    • employees’ sense of engagement in their work and meaning derived from it
    • the role of supervisors in supporting workers
    • the extent to which employees achieve work-life balance within their workplace
    • and much more…

Whether you are in the process of downsizing and want to assess its impact on the overall culture of the organization, or you want to know why particular employees – in whom the organization has made an investment – are leaving, we can help you.