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We are committed to promoting the health and well-being of organizations and communities, using research, evaluation and organizational analysis tools.

We value collaborative approaches and work closely with clients to meet organizational and policy development needs.


Arbor Consulting Partners (ACP) is a research consulting group that works closely with clients in a variety of sectors to strengthen organizations, policies and programs.  ACP is led by senior social scientists with over 20 years of experience as researchers, educators, strategic planners, and public policy analysts. ACP works with a wide range of clients to devise innovative strategies that improve outcomes for individuals, families and communities. Using a variety of modalities – social science research, action research, evidence-based evaluation, organizational analysis and network analysis – we support organizational change and policy development in the following key areas:

Community Development: culture and social change, network strategies for the non-profit sector

Environment: environmental education, environmental health, diversity in environmental perspectives

Public Health: HIV/AIDS prevention, tobacco and alcohol prevention, obesity and asthma reduction and prevention

Human Resources: work-life policy and practices; leadership programming/training; exit interviews

Early care and education:  Early care and education policy; programs that promote career development; UPK; compensation initiatives

Arts and arts education:  Learning in and through the arts; variety of PD models; programs that support arts and artists

Margaret M. Connors, Ph.D. ,  Mindy Fried, Ph.D.,  Madeleine Beaubien Taylor, Ph.D.










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