About Us

ACP’s senior social scientists have over twenty years of experience consulting to governments, businesses, universities, and foundations as well as to community-based organizations. We offer superior analytical expertise combined with a firm knowledge base in five principal areas: Community Development, Education, Environment, Public Health, Workplace and Organizational Analysis.

ACP Principal is Mindy Fried, Ph.D.

Mindy Fried, M.S.W., Ph.D.

mfriedMindy Fried, M.S.W., Ph.D. is a sociologist with 30 years of experience conducting research, teaching, and conducting policy analysis on organizational and workplace issues. Over this period, she has consulted with diverse organizations, designing and implementing evaluation research initiatives, conducting strategic planning efforts, providing technical assistance on research design and organizational development, and providing management consultation. As Co-Principal of Arbor Consulting Partners and in her independent consulting work, Mindy works collaboratively with organizations to help them build their capacity and strengthen their programs and policies. Her areas of expertise include arts education, work and family policies, early childhood policies and programs, grassroots initiatives, leadership development for youth and adults, teacher training and professional development, STEM, public health, energy efficiency, and venture development. Mindy is currently a Research Professor at Boston College, where she teaches Evaluation Research, and was recently a Visiting Lecturer at MIT where she designed and taught Gender, Power, Leadership and the Workplace. She is a skilled facilitator and trainer, and has initiated and implemented large-scale community-based participatory research projects. Mindy has published several books, including Taking Time: Parental Leave Policy and Corporate Culture (Temple University Press), Babies and Bargaining: Working Parents Take Action, and is author of a new book, Caring for Red: A Daughter’s Memoir (Vanderbilt University Press, July, 2016). She has also written articles about program evaluation, early childhood policy, and teaching sociology using arts-based methods, and has given presentations throughout the U.S. on these and related issues. Mindy has presented widely at professional conferences, including those sponsored by the American Sociological Association, Sociologists for Women in Society and the Conference Board. In addition, she writes a blog called “Mindy’s Muses” and is Co-Chair of the Editorial Board for Feminist Reflections. Mindy received her Masters and Doctorate degrees in Sociology from Brandeis University, and a Masters in Social Work from Syracuse University, with a focus on Community Organizing and Social Policy Planning..

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Margaret M. Connors, Ph.D.

mcMargaret Connors, Ph.D. is a medical anthropologist with over 20 years of experience in advocating for public health issues in diverse communities through consulting and community organizing. She also has a successful track record with implementing environmental health campaigns. She is Co-Founder of City Growers and The Urban Farming Institute, a Boston-based urban farm enterprise with a mission to grow food within the city limits to help meet the nutritional needs of urban residents and develop a new green economy in the heart of the city. She is a Co-Founder of Arbor Consulting Partners, where she currently acts as a Senior Consultant to support efforts to help communities, organizations and institutions achieve better social and health outcomes. Margaret served eight years as Wellness Coordinator at a K-8 Boston Public School, where she advocated for nutritious food in schools, focusing on prevention and reduction of chronic disease outcomes among school-aged children through innovative nutrition interventions and exercise programs. In 2010, the School was presented with a national award from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation (first in New England to receive a Silver Award). As Co-Founder and Director of the Neighborhood Pesticide Action Committee (NPAC), she helped successfully reduce pesticide use in Boston parks. Recently, Margaret co-founded the Boston Young Naturalist Explorations, which has developed a science-based curriculum called The Young Naturalist Guide for The Boston Public Garden. Prior to her current entrepreneurial endeavors, she worked as an HIV prevention researcher among illicit drug users in Worcester and Boston.