Arbor Consulting Partners works on a broad cross-section of environmental issues. We are committed to perspectives and practices that promote better social and health outcomes and to helping communities, organizations and institutions achieve these outcomes. Our consulting approach addresses the needs of diverse populations in developing public policy initiatives and assessing environmental health and education initiatives.

Our expertise includes:

  • environmental education

ACP can help you design place-based education programs that improve student engagement in learning.

  • environmental health

ACP conducts community needs assessments related to environmental justice issues, helping communities achieve and sustain better health outcomes through cleaner environmental practices. Our work includes research and evaluation of:

  • neighborhood or city-wide environmental practices that have proven or potential adverse health effects, and the development of alternative solutions and practices;
  • the positive health effects of time in nature (green time) among school age children.
  • diversity in environmental perspectives

ACP can help you make parks and other open spaces more welcoming to diverse populations by providing insight into cultural ideas and practices that shape people’s use of these spaces. We can help you assess cultural competency in environmental education and policy making and provide information on the social and cultural effects of public space design and management.